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Choosing Holiday Care For Small Animals

Over the years, I've kept a variety of small animals including hamsters, chameleons and indoor rabbits. I know it can be difficult to choose holiday care for your pets, and I started this blog to share my experience and tips I've gathered over the years for choosing pet care when you go on holiday. I've used boarding kennels that offer small animal boarding and hired both live-in and live-out pet sitters, and I post on a range of topics, such as how to check references, the importance of maintaining your pet's routine and questions to ask prospective care staff. I hope you find my blog useful.


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How to Prepare for the Demise of Your Favourite Horse

Nobody likes to talk about death, whether it involves a human relative or a beloved pet. Yet sometimes it is unavoidable and if you know that the dreaded day is fast approaching, you will need to make arrangements to deal with its aftermath. In your case, your trusted horse has come down with an illness and is not getting any better, and sadly, you need to look into some horse cremation services. What is involved in this type of procedure and do you get to keep the ashes of your favourite friend in the end?

Cremation Options Available

You may not be aware, but there is more than one method available to you when it comes to cremating a horse.


You will probably be familiar with the traditional approach, which is flame-based. The body is placed into a 'retort', or a sealed enclosure, before the flames are ignited to reduce the carcass of the animal down to the bones. Once that is complete, techniques are used to reduce the bones so they can be mixed in with the ash.


However, you may be able to take advantage of a water-based solution instead. Some people think this is more environmentally friendly as it does not release any toxins during the procedure. However, the body is placed into the secured environment again before the area is filled with water and potassium hydroxide. Once the water is heated to a specified temperature, the body matter will be dissolved to allow the bones to be reduced as before.

Retaining the Ashes

If you want to retain the ashes of the horse, then you will need to choose individual cremation, whether communal or private. Sometimes, your pet will be cremated simultaneously with some other animals, but the facility can clearly identify the ashes of each horse. Alternatively, you can choose to have a fully private service.

Alternative Option

For some people, the cost is a big issue, and in this case, the horse could be cremated alongside other pets. This is the more economical approach, but it does not allow the owner to retain the ashes after the event.

Making Arrangements

Now that you know what opportunities are available, talk with the experts so they can help you to make the necessary arrangements. It's best to be prepared, and once the sad day arrives, you'll be able to hand over everything to the horse cremation service.