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Choosing Holiday Care For Small Animals

Over the years, I've kept a variety of small animals including hamsters, chameleons and indoor rabbits. I know it can be difficult to choose holiday care for your pets, and I started this blog to share my experience and tips I've gathered over the years for choosing pet care when you go on holiday. I've used boarding kennels that offer small animal boarding and hired both live-in and live-out pet sitters, and I post on a range of topics, such as how to check references, the importance of maintaining your pet's routine and questions to ask prospective care staff. I hope you find my blog useful.


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Five Ideas for Taking Care of an Indoor-Outdoor Cat When You Go on Holiday

If you have an indoor-outdoor cat, you may need to make special arrangements for her if you are going out of town. To keep your cat safe and happy, consider the following tips.

1. Leave Her Alone for a Day or Two

If you are just leaving town for a day or two, you can typically leave the cat on her own. However, you need to ensure that she can get into a safe place when she is done hunting and playing outside.

Consider putting in a cat door so she can get inside the house or garage. Alternatively, set up a warm dog house outside. Make sure you leave ample amounts of food, and clean the kitty litter before you leave so it can last a couple of days.

2. Hire Someone to Let the Cat in and out

If you're going for more than a day or two or if you just want your cat to have more oversight, you may want to hire someone to let the cat in and out. Many cat sitters will stay at your house for a reasonable rate, or you can have a friend come over in the morning to let the cat out and in the evening to let them in—most indoor-outdoor cats have pretty predictable schedules.

3. Choose a Cattery With Outdoor Views

For long holidays, you may want to find a cattery like Penfield Kennels & Cattery to board your cat. To offer your cat the life she's accustomed to, you may want to look for a place with outdoor views. Many cat boarding facilities offer enclosures with windows. Some facilities even offer outdoor playtime. 

4. Do a Flea Treatment

When your cat is outdoors, she is more likely to come in contact with fleas than an indoor cat. So that you don't infect any other cats at the facility, you may want to do a flea treatment on your cat a few days before dropping her off. That is a preventative measure that you should take, even if you don't see signs of an infestation.

5. Update Tags

If your cat is used to spending a lot of time outside, she may try to run outside whilst you are taking her to the cattery or even while she is staying there. Even if she is used to being outdoors, she may get lost in the new neighbourhood where the cattery is located. Make sure to update your cat's identification tags before you go on holiday just in case.